Time for you to become EXPERTS!

  • Get into groups based on my instructions!
  • Use ALL of the resources at your disposal (including ME) to analyze the image! Each student should be making his/her own set of notes!
  • Use the following structure to define your terms on the back of an index card or your own paper !
    • Context:
    • Describe the photo:
    • When:
    • Where:
    • Why (significance):
  • Make sure EVERYBODY in the group understands the image completely! You will be responsible for teaching it to others!

Let's Mix It Up!

  • Get into NEW groups based on my instructions! You should now have one representative from each original group in your new group.
  • Take turns sharing your knowledge about the images. By the end of this process, everyone should have a clear understanding of the images!

And, Finally, if we have time...let's review what you discussed!