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we'll try to do some of this on Friday before workshopping.

Integrating Sources

How to integrate sources into your writing:

  • Overview
  • Freewrite Activity:
    • Compare the sources you have so far on your annotated bibliography.
      • Categorize them by what type of perspective they take on your issue. For example, which ones support the issue? are against it? Which look at it positively? negatively? Are some in between?
    • Now, write about how you can organize these different perspectives into one feature article. For example, do you want to write about the sources supporting the issue first? Do you want to go back and forth between sources that support it and sources that don't? What works best for you and your topic?
  • Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing
  • Quoting Guidelines:
    • Quoting well--
      • Giving the quote a proper introduction or context
      • Giving credit to the author for quotes or paraphrases
      • Finding some well-worded gem of a sentence that supports your ideas (if you find yourself thinking "I couldn't have said it better myself," it might be a great quote!)
      • Building your sentence around the quote (in order to not break the grammar rules)
    • Quoting poorly--
      • Dumping a full quote into a paragraph as a stand-alone sentence
      • Using a quote that takes up half a page
      • Using every dry, lifeless, and uninteresting quote you find because they're factual
      • Making more than half of any given paragraph quotations


  • Over the next few days, you should begin the next step in the writing process: drafting your feature article. You will need to bring a rough draft to your conference next week, so I expect you to spend some time working on this over the weekend. DON'T wait until the last minute; even if you only work on it 15 or 20 minutes a day, try to spend some time with it on several days.
    • Friday we will be workshopping your drafts. If you don't get started drafting till then, that's ok, but the sooner you have something on paper, the more revision you will be able to do (and the more evidence you will have for your portfolio!)
  • Schedule your conference for next week. We have done this before, so I am trusting you to sign up on your own outside of class. Remember to edit the page and insert your name into one of the spaces in the table without replacing an existing name. Don't click the edit button until you know what time you want to sign up for, or someone may edit it while you are figuring it out! I will try to keep it looking neat so that it is not hard to decipher...FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!