For my interview, I interviewed my former High School football coach, Mark Reeve. Coach Reeve was inducted into the High School Football coaching Hall of Fame two years back, so he was the perfect person to interview.

  1. 1. Cameron: Coach Reeve, what made you want to become a High School Football coach?

Reeve: Well, i was always interested in high school athletics, and always wanted to see people succeed in their lives, so what better way to do all this than be a High School Football coach. I love everything about it.

  1. 2. Cameron: Do you enjoy teaching or coaching better?

Reeve: Well ive always known the game of Football much better than anything else. So i would have to say the coaching.

  1. 3. Cameron: Did you ever dream of becoming anything else besides a coach?

Reeve: Well when i was younger i always wanted to fly planes, but then i found sports, so that never happened for me.

  1. 4. Cameron: Whats your favorite thing about coaching?

Reeve: By far, seeing my players succeed and go on in their lives to become very successful.