What is Good Writing?

  • Let's quickly go around the room and describe for each other what our examples of good writing are, and why we chose them.
  • Everyone should make a list of reasons other people chose their selections.
  • Let's discuss what we have compiled on our lists and why they are important to our own writing.


  • Take 5-7 minutes and write about the things you learned from your classmates; what is good writing and why might we have different ideas about what makes writing good? Are there qualities in your own writing choices that would qualify it as good writing on someone else's list?

Portfolio 1 Discussion

  • Your first step in putting together a essay about persuasion and bias is to look for evidence of these things in the media. Let's discuss what the terms mean and then examine the websites that you will be using.
  • Your presentations will get more detailed and focused as we get further into this portfolio, so don't kill yourself on this first one. Follow the instructions for today's homework, and you should be prepared to discuss.
  • Let's quickly go over some useful pointers for evaluating a website. This should give you a good idea of what to look for when you are doing your homework.
  • Any questions?


  • Begin your research by finding a few topics that are being actively discussed on the Portfolio 1 websites. Don't worry too much about narrowing down to one topic yet, but try to look at some issues that are interesting to you and that you might be interesting in tying into your research later in the semester.
  • Using the Bedford Researcher (Identifying Conversations about a Topic), create a document that organizes your investigation.
  • Save your work and upload it to your wikipage. We will examine your findings on Thursday.