topic presentations


  • what topics are common?
  • are there any topics we might be able to examine in groups?
  • any questions/troubles about narrowing down a topic for investigation?

possible topics


  • Think about how you've experienced persuasion in your own life. In what ways have you tried to persuade someone? Were your strategies effective? Have you been persuaded to do something? What influenced you to be persuaded?

portfolio recap

  • Discuss requirements
  • Discuss assignment of integration
  • Discuss plans for portfolios 2&3 (& proposal deadline!)


  • Look over THIS website.
  • Try to find an example of a logical fallacy on one of the websites you've decided to follow.
  • Be sure to follow the link at the bottom and get some practice with their example.
  • Be prepared to discuss logical fallacies on Tuesday and share any that you've found from your own Issues Watch.