Who am I?

  • My name is Sean Britt; I was born here in Corpus, though I've moved around a bit.
  • I prefer to be called Sean, but if you're not comfortable with that you can also call me Mr. Britt.
  • Is there anything in particular that you'd like to know about me?

Roll call/Contact emails

  • Please fill out an email to sean.britt@tamucc.edu with the following information:
    • First and Last Name (including any nickname you prefer)
    • phone number
    • Who was your 1301 Comp Instructor?
    • What was the topic of your research in English 1301?
    • What things are you interested in?
    • One unusual/unique thing about you.
  • Logging in to TAMUCC computers (user names, passwords)
  • Accessing TAMUCC email - this is very important because I use your islander email accounts to send out information about class. Check it often.


  • You will be working together quite a bit this semester, so it's important that you get to know one another.
  • First Day Icebreaker

This Class

  • You will need to review the syllabus, but for today we'll look over a few parts of it.
    • We will be using wiki a lot, so if you are not comfortable with wiki yet, you might want to find someone who is and become friends with them.
    • You will be turning in all of your daily work and homework on wiki.
    • Equipment
    • Class Rules
    • First Portfolio
    • Extra Credit


  • What is freewriting? Freewriting involves writing full sentences quickly, without stopping and--most importantly--without editing what you write. Grammar and spelling are not important. It is a way of "thinking" on paper, a way of exploring or generating ideas.
    • Your first journal prompt is to freewrite for 5 minutes about what you think of as good writing. Who determines what good writing is? What genre do you think of as good writing? How does someone become a good writer? How can a writing class help someone to become a good writer?

Group Work

  • Get into groups of 4(ish).
  • In your group, brainstorm what you think English 1302 should be about. In other words, what do you think we should focus on accomplishing this semester?
    • Don't say things like "correct grammar and spelling" ...that's what spellcheck is for.
    • Try to think in terms of goals for the class. Overall, what should everyone learn? What constitutes "good writing"? and what do we need to focus on to achieve "good writing"?
  • Have someone write down what you discuss and type it up on their wiki page.


  • So, what did you come up with?
  • Let's make a list...

So What?

  • Setting goals as a class
  • Setting goals individually
  • Good Writing


  • For the next class period, I am asking you to explore this website. Make sure you know how to get here and how to navigate it. Look at the Syllabus, paying particular attention to "Course Objectives" and "Policies and Procedures." Look over the "Extra Credit" link on the bottom of the homepage. Find your Seminar Leader's link. Also read over the First Day Handout. Come to class on Tuesday with any questions, and ready to answer your classmate's questions.
  • Add a picture to your student page link so that your classmates can recognize you :)
  • Before next class period, make sure you can log on to the TAMUCC computers and can access your TAMUCC email.
  • Bring to class an example of what you consider to be "good writing."
  • Type a short (less than a page) explanation of why you chose this piece and be prepared to explain it to the class.
  • Don't have MS Office or a Word processing program?: http://www.openoffice.org