Turn in your MLK Reading Responses


  • What problems did you encounter as you wrote the rhetorical analysis of MLK's speech?
  • How did this assignment prepare you for Writing Project 1?
  • Questions about Reading Responses?
  • After I've stopped the freewriting, we'll discuss.

Form Writing Groups

  • Each class should break into about 5 different groups. This means there will be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 people in each group.
  • Issues to consider: You want a balanced group comprised of members who are strong in different areas, such as:
    • Researching...knows the databases, how to find stuff.
    • Proof-reading...strong with grammar, spelling, sentence structure.
    • Organizing...reminding members about assignment due dates, keeping everyone organized; willing to contact me with any questions and then relay information to all group members.
    • Logician...able to read for content and alert a writer when s/he's not making sense.
  • Exchange email addresses, phone #'s, twitter, facebook, or however you choose to communicate.
  • Under the Triad M Writing Groups link, name your group (be creative!) and list all of its members.

Sign up for Discussion Facilitations Important! Our first discussion facilitation is on Monday!

  • Monday, Jan 23: Chapter 2: Pathos
    • 11am - Section 527:French Toast Mafia
    • 12pm - Section 526:TAPSPDWLC
  • Wednesday, Jan 25: Chapter 3: Ethos
    • 11am - Section 527:The Charmed Ones
    • 12pm - Section 526:Stoop Kids
  • Friday, Jan 27: Chapter 4: Logos
    • 11am - Section 527:The Great Divide
    • 12pm - Section 526:There's nothing no one won't do SUPER PAC
  • Instructions for leading a Discussion
  • There is also a complete schedule of all Triad M Discussion Facilitations