Freewrite that's crazy!

  • Let's begin by reflecting on the beginning of your second semester.
    • What feels different about this semester, compared to your last?
    • Are you more comfortable with how you'll fare this time around?
    • How have you prepared yourself to succeed, based on your experience in the Fall?

Wiki Recap

  • Go to the Student Pages link. Make sure your name is spelled correctly on there.
  • Click on your name. Important: If you had a wiki page last semester, use the same page this semester and make sure that the link takes you to that page.
    • If you used wiki last semester, don't erase your old stuff! Let's put it all in a folder for that class now. If you want to, you can use wiki for a repository of work from all of your TAMU-CC classes.
    • If you didn't have a wiki page last semester, you get to design yours however you like! Feel free to play around with the coding and add whatever you'd like to it :D
  • For this class, I'd like you to create links for:
    • Writing Project 1 and Portfolio 1.
    • Freewrites
    • If you've already done this, help a neighbor who hasn't.

Create a Schedule for Writing Project 1

Time management can sometimes be a difficult thing to master in college. Let's schedule brief, regular writing sessions for Writing Project 1 now.

  • Goals and Deadlines
  • Allow time for Peer Response & Revision
  • Make writing less painful!

Create a Daily Writing Link for today, and under today's link, do the following:

  • Create a schedule for working on Writing Project 1. This should include specific time and dates for "writing appointments."
    • Under each appointment, write out goals you want to accomplish during that appointment. This could be specific areas of content. Or, it could be obtaining peer review.
    • Plan out your appointments up until the due date, which is February 6 at the beginning of class.
    • After you've created your plan, post the appointments in your phone or in your planner. Make a commitment to keep your appointments!


  • Read Chapter 2 from EAA. Complete a Reading Response in which you respond to the following prompts.

If your group is facilitating the discussion of Chapter 2, you do not have to complete a Reading Response. Instead, prepare your facilitation.

  • The chapter asserts that rhetors may use emotions to "build bridges" and/or to "sustain an argument." Describe both approaches in your own words, and provide an example of each.
  • Locate an ad or a posting on Facebook that makes an emotional appeal. Describe the appeal, and specify which emotions the posting or the ad attempts to evoke.
  • Describe the specific emotion(s) each slogan is trying to illicit:
    • "Just do it." (Nike)
    • "Think different." (Apple)
    • "Country first." (John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign slogan)
    • "It's everywhere you want to be." (Visa)