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What are we doing here?

Icebreaker:A Name Game.

A Very Important Note:

  • I teach both Composition AND Seminar! Therefore, be EXTRA careful when navigating my wiki page that you aren't looking at assignments for Composition that are for my Seminar sections. In other words, if you are looking for assignments for this class, be sure to navigate through the COMPOSITION wiki link, not Triad stuff.


Your first homework, due by Friday (try to do this today, though, because there will be another small homework assignment Friday!):

  • Send an email to me (, as if you were writing me a letter, with the following information:
    1. Your full name (including what you prefer to be called)
    2. The anagram you chose today
    3. A short description of the significance of your real name (why did your parents choose it, why do you go by something else, what language it originated from, etc. Anything you know about it)
    4. A brief explanation of what you liked about the anagram you chose (be as silly as you want with this part).
  • Please take a few minutes to think about this before you send your email to me. Show me with this first (and easiest!) assignment that you are committed to giving every project, no matter how insignificant, your best effort; I look forward to reading them! Thanks!