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Rhetorical Analysis Prep

wiki magic

  • Time to get acquainted with the wiki :D
  • Go to the Student Pages link. Make sure your name is spelled correctly on there.
  • Click on your name. Important: If you had a wiki page last semester, use the same page this semester and make sure that the link takes you to that page.
    • If you have stuff from Comp last semester, don't erase your old stuff! Let's put it all in your wiki. If you want to, you can use wiki for a repository of work from all of your TAMU-CC classes.
    • Also, you get to design your wiki however you like! Feel free to play around with the coding and add whatever you'd like to it :D
  • For this class, I'd like you to create links for:
    • Writing Project 1 and...
    • Freewrites
    • If you've already done this, help a neighbor who hasn't.

  • Your first freewrite!!
  • Use wiki for brainstorming and other forms of Invention (the first part of the Writing Process)!
    • I know that you have a lot going on this week, but getting a head start on the Rhetorical Analysis material by putting some ideas on your wikipage would be a wise thing to do!

Writing Groups

  • We will break into about 5 different groups. This means there will be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 people in each group.
  • Issues to consider: You want a balanced group comprised of members who are strong in different areas, such as:
    • Researching...knows the databases, how to find stuff
    • Proof-reading...strong with grammar, spelling, sentence structure
    • Organizing...reminding members about assignment due dates, keeping everyone organized; willing to contact all group members on behalf of me.
    • Logician...able to read for content and alert a writer when she's not making sense
  • Exchange email addresses/phone #'s/twitter, facebook, whatever you prefer to use to communicate.
  • Under this link, name your group (be creative!) and list all of its members.


  • Read Chapters 1 & 2 in EAA for Monday.
  • Complete a Reading Response for Chapter 2 by Monday, based on these questions:
    • The chapter asserts that rhetors may use emotions to "build bridges" and/or to "sustain an argument." Describe both approaches in your own words.
    • Locate a written example of humor not listed in the book and describe why it works.
    • Describe the specific emotion(s) each slogan from the chapter is trying to illicit:
      • Have it your way." (Burger King)
      • "Think different." (Apple)
      • "Country first." (John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign slogan)
      • "Because you're worth it." (L'Oreal)