Welcome Back!

Today's Objectives:

  • Answer questions about the course or the syllabus
  • Solidify your understanding of rhetorical terms from Chapter 1 of EAA.
  • Have Some Fun with Rhetoric

Questions About the Syllabus or the Class?

Review of Chapter 1 & Aristotelian Terms

  • Logos
  • Ethos
  • Pathos
  • Here's a link on rhetoric that may help, as well.

Effective Use of Rhetoric Enables YOU to Join the Conversation

  • First, get with a neighbor or two to share the work :)
  • Next, we'll watch these videos:
  • In your mini-team, write down a few elements of these commercials that describe the rhetorical situation, appeals, and kind of argument expressed in each.
  • Then, I'll ask you to share some of your answers with the class we'll examine argument in this speech.
  • What are the expected results? What is the historical significance of all this?


  • Let's complete your second freewrite to kick off our discussion of Pathos.
    • You addressed some examples of Pathos in your Reading Response for today. What examples can you think of from your own experience?
    • What role does Pathos play in how we communicate with each other in the classroom? At work? In our families?
    • When might Pathos not be the best rhetorical strategy?
  • Discussion!


  • Read Chapter 3 - Ethos of EAA.
  • Don't forget to send me your First Day Email by the beginning of next class!