One of the required elements of Writing Project 1 is a summary of the section of the book you are analyzing (pp. 1-92.)

  • Open a daily writing (freewrite) link, and draft a summary of this section, noting key ideas.
  • After you are done, copy and paste your outline into your electronic version of WP1. SAVE this draft as (Your Name)WP1 Draft 2.
  • Once you've completed this, we'll discuss, as a class, your ideas.

Uploading to Wiki & Using Track Changes

  • Let's upload the draft you just created to your wiki page.
  • Once we've got that completed, partner with someone in your writing group.
  • Go to their wiki page and download their draft.
  • Using track changes, give them some feedback on the content of their draft so far. This should be a global edit vs. a local edit.
  • SAVE this as a new version, and upload the edit onto both your wiki page and your partner's wiki page.


  • Revise the summary portion of Writing Project 1
  • Revise the rest of your draft, based on the feedback you received today.
  • Save your changes; you should at least have four different versions of this paper now.
  • Bring a printed copy of your most recent draft to class on Wednesday.