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Section 262 (2:00 pm Seminar Class)
Black LegendCindy
Bartolome de Las CasasCristina
Chesapeake bay colonyMeagan
Impact of indentured servitude on womenSofia
Native Americans of the Great plainsFrancie
4 factors that led the way for explorationXavier
3 G'sHannah
Impact of 1st contact between AfroEurasia and AmericasWaleed
Stono RebellionMax
Columbian ExchangeGloria
impact of smallpoxManuel
impact of Columbus's "discovery"Alyssa
Guns, Germs and steelClarissa
encomienda systemAllie
Carolina coloniesDonavon
Anne HutchinsonTrenton
middle passageJake
Differences between Puritans and PilgrimsDarian
3 reasons why slavery flourished in the SouthMatthew
Virgin Soil epidemicJames
3 advantages Native Americans had over explorersHarmony
protestant reformationJanette