Turn in Portfolio 3, yo!

I will take portfolios until 6:30PM in the FY office. Your clock may not be coordinated with mine, so don't show up at 6:30, show up before 6:30! Online submissions can be left in the Dropbox link (on the class plan schedule under May 5th) until midnight. I will be closing the page to submissions at that time, so don't try to post late! Make sure everything is complete and linked to the Dropbox before midnight!

Resubmissions for past portfolios will have the same deadlines as Portfolio 3. Remember that I need all your original documents, as well as an explanation of your changes and revisions, along with the new material. If you submitted online originally, you can simply make note of where the old stuff resides and post a statement explaining your changes, along with the new material.

Late submissions WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If you foresee any problems with meeting the deadline, get in touch with me well in advance so that we can discuss the possibility of extension. I am always receptive to your needs and difficulties, but do not expect an extension; extensions are granted only under circumstances beyond your control.

Thank you all for a great semester and have a wonderful summer!