Homework Freewrite

Let's start the class by getting back to the thinking you did about your homework. Take a minute to refresh your ideas about your selected piece of writing and your connection to it. When you begin your freewrite, I would like you to first identify the genre and author of your piece. This may be tricky depending on the writing you selected, but do your best to be specific and clear. Then let your thoughts determine where your freewrite goes from there.

When you are finished, we'll go around the room and discuss them individually.

Discourse Communities

MySpace Activity: Grouping Your "Friends"

Take 15 minutes to find a partner and "interview" each other about your discourse communities. Try to gather information that we can discuss as a class on Wednesday (what communities do you share? What communities are you a part of that differ from your partner's, and in what ways?).


Wiki Basics

If we have extra time, you can use it to practice with wiki!


  • We will be discussing the first 3 chapters of Flight (pages 1-35) on Friday. Getting an early start on it is a great idea!
  • Wednesday, we will be meeting in your seminar classroom (CS115), so that you can use the computer lab during your seminar classtime. Make sure to be in the right place at the right time!
  • Bring something to write on and with, Wednesday. We will be discussing the steps of the writing process in greater detail and doing some further work toward a draft of your first portfolio project!