• Start today by writing about your performance so far this semester. Have you been as successful in college as you wanted to be? Are there things you can do to improve going forward?


  • When incorporating your sources into your text, it is helpful to break your important points into "chunks".
  • To do this, you can organize the quoted material that you want to use into a framework similar to this:
    • Begin with your main thought or idea
    • Utilize a quote/paraphrase to support, prove, or document your idea
    • Add sentences that analyze or discuss your thoughts in relation to the documented material.

* By chunking your work this way, you not only give yourself a neat little package of information in which to utilize your source material, you give the reader a comfortable pattern by which they can digest the content of your essay.

  • Take the quote that you brought for homework and build a short paragraph with it, using the chunking method.
    • I'll give you about 20-30 minutes or so to work on it, so pace yourself accordingly. I'll come around to help out, too.


  • Now, we can review each other's passages and get some insight on how this process turns out.
    • Move over to your neighbor's computer and give them some feedback on how successful they were at communicating an idea about their topic.


  • Try to build a couple of these chunks by using your resources from Portfolio 2.
    • I won't ask you to bring them to class, but the more you get done, the less you'll have to do later!
      • PLUS, the more chunks you have, the better you'll be able to organize your visual presentation! We'll be working on it on Friday, so start thinking about it!