Happy Geronim....I mean Columbus Day!!


  • Think about how your research, so far, connects to American history. Is there anything about that connection that you feel like you need to clarify? Can you accomplish that in your continued research?
    • Write for 5-10 before we move on.


  • Today will be an opportunity for you to do some research in class!
    • Use this opportunity to ask me for help in order to diversify your research practices.
    • You should be working toward your 5th peer reviewed source; try to get at least one good one before we leave today.
  • First, let's get together in your groups and compare your homework!
    • Use the things you've written about to help each other brainstorm new places to find sources!
  • One place I'd like everyone to look is in the book catalog.
    • I'll show you how to do a good subject search in our library listings.
    • Everyone should write down at least one call number to go investigate later.
      • Remember to look in the vicinity of your book to find something serendipitously!


  • Read chapter 8 in your Islander Guide to Writing
    • We will discuss it on Wednesday!
  • Have a nice day!