• Reflect on the three pieces of research you did for homework.
  • Write for 5-10 about how they relate to your initial research:
    • Are these pieces peer-reviewed, scholarly sources too?
    • If not, how do they compare to the stuff you've found through the databases or in the library bookstacks?

Source Examination

  • Today, I would like you to examine the bias in your current sources.
    • Start by identifying the author:
    • Use the same criteria that you used to examine your reversal author in portfolio 1:
      • Work Experience
      • Language/Dialect/Jargon used
      • Discourse Communities
    • Write for the next ten-fifteen minutes about how these sources represent your topic
  • Next, we will identify what perspectives have been covered in your research so far:
    • Where is your research beginning to fill out?
    • What gaps still remain?
    • How do the current perspectives relate?
    • Write again, this time explaining the multiple perspectives you've identified so far.
  • You've just begun answering some of the questions for your Negotiation Report! Continue this with the research you do moving forward and you will be prepared to complete the Report when the portfolio is due!


  • Make sure to sign up for your conference, if you haven't already!
    • Bring all work that you have done so far when you come to your conference, so that we can discuss everything!
  • Continue your research and be sure to get your 2nd-5th annotations completed and turned in on time!