• Start today by reflecting on your conference from last week.
    • According to our meeting, what is the next step that you should take from here?
    • Are you keeping up with your work?
  • Write for 5-10 minutes without stopping to get your mind on your project!

Bias and Multiple Perspectives

  • What do we mean by bias?
  • Where do we find bias?
    • news
    • music
    • movies
    • art
    • websites
    • everywhere!!!
  • So how does this relate to the articles you've found?
    • Bias is not always negative, although it often carries that connotation.
    • Bias can be persuasive; identifying it in your research can help you determine which arguments stand on their own and which require more embellishment.
    • Thinking about bias in terms of what the author has to gain (or lose) by writing about something in a particular way is a good way to begin to understand the bias that they are writing with.
    • Remember that we each carry our own biases and that you should take them into consideration when examining bias, in order to remain objective about your research!
  • Let's also examine how to double check your sources for "peer-reviewed" status.
    • If you are using a source from a journal article and it isn't listed as peer-reviewed on Ulrich's, then you'll have to do some extensive explaining in your final annotation for it to meet the requirements of this project.

Historical Precedent

  • The other thing that needs to be addressed in your Negotiation Report is the precedent for your conflict.
  • Questions to answer that will help you demonstrate this:
    • Who has negotiated this issue recently?
    • What evidence have they used to explain their side of the negotiation?
    • Where does this negotiation have the greatest impact, specifically?
    • When did this conflict begin, and out of what previous conflicts?
    • Why has there not been resolution?
  • Answer these questions about your topic, based on the research you've read so far.


  • If you haven't completed most of your research yet, try to get close to finishing before Wednesday. You'll want to leave time for revision, editing and organization of your portfolio!
    • Completed research includes several sources beyond the ten peer-reviewed annotated sources! Don't forget to include the citations of those at the end of your Negotiation Report!
  • My example Negotiation Report will be posted later today on the Major Assignments link. Check it out while you begin the process of writing your own!