Rhetorical Situation

  • Let's look at this presentation on the Rhetorical Situation.
    • As we go through this slide by slide, let's talk about each point. Make some notes about how these relate to your autobiography.
    • Take special care to answer the following questions:
      • What is your purpose?
      • Who is your audience?
      • What is the context for your writing?


Think about the rhetorical situation of your essay impacts the significance of your story. Freewrite for the next 5 minutes with your rhetorical situation in mind.

Reversing Your Biographer

Here's the twist!

  • We've discussed how, in Flight, Zits' identity affects the way he presents his narrative to the reader. As he begins to see things through other peoples' eyes, his rhetorical situation is altered.
  • The next step in your writing process will be to step out of your own shoes, too. Your autobiography is going to become a biography by reversing the lens through which your story is presented.
    • Between today and Friday, you will rewrite your story from an outside perspective (it will need to be converted to 3rd person, if it is not already)
    • The new biographer is the author of the piece of writing that you selected for Friday, August the 27th's homework (revisit your freewrite from that following Monday, in which I asked you to identify that author).
    • For some of you, the author is someone very specific; for others, it will be someone you know a little less about. In either circumstance, you will need to ask yourself what things you know about them that will help you rewrite your story from their perspective.
      • What bias might this author have?
      • What language (dialect, jargon, etc.) would this author use?
      • How do you imagine your author to have learned your story and how does that affect his/her understanding of it?
  • I will give you some time to write as many of these details down as you can while I have the opportunity to come around and help answer your questions!
  • There are many things to consider while making this revision to your draft. Give them some careful thought as you complete this task. Don't try to do this all in one sitting! Budget your time so that you can accomplish this in a meaningful way.



  • Work on your reversal part of your essay!
  • Keep up with the Flight readings!