First: Write about a time in your life when you were afraid because you found yourself in an unfamiliar place or unusual situation. Did your fear have any foundation in fact, or was it based on generalizations you were making about your situation?

Now let's look at Those Who Don't (p. 28-29). How does the experience described by Esperanza differ from yours? Are there things about your experience that you see reflected in this chapter?

Second: One of the themes reflected by new experiences is the idea of "growing up." In groups, identify in the following chapters how Esperanza "grows up:" The Family of Little Feet, A Rice Sandwich, Chanclas, Hips

Third: Consider the unwanted kiss incident in The First Job. Write a diary entry Esperanza might make regarding the incident, including how she feels at the time. In what way does the incident help define the coming-of-age theme?