Study Day (class will not meet in the lab!)

Today, I would like you to take some time on your own to get some writing done (and to study for your POLS exam). Try to complete a draft of your source reviews and annotations before the weekend so that you aren't pressured to get everything done at the last minute.


  • Sometime today, take 10 minutes to add this freewrite to your student page:

Think about the portfolio as a whole. Ask yourself what makes the different elements of the portfolio work together. For example, what do the annotations help you to discover about your topic? How do your proposal ideas directly reflect the body of research that you have investigated? In what way can your source review analyses direct your Exploratory Essay?

If you have any questions about your writing or research, please email me. You are welcome to send drafts of anything to me for review as well; however, I will not be in the office today.