Portfolio 3!

Congratulations, you've only got one more portfolio to complete in your Composition coursework :)


Think about your second portfolio and, specifically, your proposal. Spend the next 10-15 minutes writing about the goals you have for your third portfolio, in relation the argument you've proposed. What is the most important thing you want your audience to learn from this project? Are there specific things that you have learned from your research that you hope to convey in your presentation? What can you take from this project that will benefit you in your future university endeavors?

Genres and Arguments

Take a look at the wikipedia entries for genre and argument. Utilize the links within these pages to investigate possibilities for your project further.

Take the next 20-30 minutes, using the information from these pages and elsewhere on the web, to brainstorm a list of genres that might be appropriate for your topic. Keep in mind the kind of argument you want to make and how particular genres might work to accomplish that task.

Some of you may consider electronic media for your genre, you might utilize this guide for creating a webpage (follow the link for "How to Write for the Web", that last link in the list). I would encourage everyone to consider some kind of electronic genre as a way to explore new forms of writing with this project.


Lets take the rest of the class time to discuss the goals for this portfolio and what is expected from you as we progress toward that end of the semester. Think about any primary sources you may have suggested in your exploratory essay and the genre they represent. Are these examples of genres you might also use?


Compose a brief summary of your ideas for your genre selections and how they relate to your argument. Bring them to class for us to discuss.