Topic selection

  • Please turn in to me your paragraph about your topic.
  • Would anyone like to discuss what they decided on? Please share, as you may find out today that you have a similar topic as another classmate, in which case you might think about combining your work for one proposal.

Evaluating sources

When describing your sources in your annotated bibliography, you need to provide the kind of information suggested in this video, if you are using sources that are not scholarly (i.e. books from the library or ILL or journals from the databases). Use these guidelines to assess your sources before you rely on them for your bibliographic entries.

Utilizing your Preliminary Sources

Think about the sources you have found as part of you homework.

  • Try to describe them in terms of the guidelines we just watched.
  • Next, try to locate sources that are referenced by the sources you've found already. If your source has a works cited or bibliography page, see if you can locate some of those. If you have a journal article,

utilize the "cited references" feature that most databases have (I'll show you an example) to locate related material.

  • Finally, make a list of related materials that you can investigate over the weekend. Spend 15-20 minutes on this (or more, if this is really helpful) and try to write down at least 4 or 5 entries. They don't necessarily have to be something you'll use, just things you might use. You can verify their relevance later.


Take ten minutes to reflect on how your research is going so far. Are you getting your sources easily, or is this process more difficult for you? Does the pace of your research feel adequate? Are you avoiding procrastination by finding sources a few at a time instead of anticipating a "big haul" at the last minute?

Source Reviews

Lets look at these: example #1, example #2, and the description of a book review. Keep in mind that the elements of a book review can be applied to other types of sources, like journal articles and websites.


  • I'd like to make a draft of our grading rubric in class on Tuesday. Think about what you would like to have included in it and bring some suggestions next class.
  • Continue researching your topic, committing yourself to brief, but focused sessions in order to avoid procrastination. Try to have two thirds of your 15 sources compiled by Tuesday so that you have plenty of time to spend on the writing and revising process.
  • Your grades will be available today. I did not get to finish yesterday because I was at the hospital with my grandfather. I apologize to those of you that haven't gotten feedback already, but I will have completed them by the end of my office hours today (2pm). If you have feedback already posted on your online portfolio, you can access it by using the last 4 digits of your student ID # as the password. Once all the feedback and grades have been completed, I will post your grades, sorted by student number, here. If you have any questions about your grade, please contact me by email or during my office hours.