• Today, I'd like you to think once again about how your topic connects to a Triad M theme.
    • How have you investigated your topic so far that reflect the way we've investigated themes in Mericans and Triangle?
    • What conversations about your topic have you discovered that remind you of how Cisneros and Von Drehle address American identity and/or citizenship?
    • How does the political machine work in regard to your topic?
    • In what ways are American ideas similar/different about your topic than other nations' globally?
  • Freewrite about these ideas for 5-10 and then we'll use this information to set up your future assignments!

Today's Objectives

  • Finalizing Research Journal
    • Questions? Comments? Concerns?
    • Have you kept up with your research log?
    • Let's get everyone on the path to success!
  • Choosing Presentation Groups
    • Let's look at the way you organized your topics.
    • Now that you've spent more time researching and exploring your topic, you should be able to decide on your Proposal Groups!
    • Keep in mind that your groups need not be distinctly connected by a shared topic, but it's up to you to decide how you collectively approach one of the Triad themes.
    • One of your group members must email me with all of your group member's names and what Triad theme you're organizing around before we move on to the next thing on the agenda for today.
  • Writing Your Reflection (with in-class drafting!)
    • Let's go over the directions for the reflection
    • Next, you'll need to do a little brainstorming to get the right information in your reflection.
    • Finally, you'll need to draft your reflection by spending the rest of our class time putting your research process into words. If you get this done in class, all you'll need to do with it before the deadline is a little editing!


  • Finish your Journals! All components must be submitted to my office, in a folder, before 5pm or online by midnight on Wednesday. Unless everything is there, the entire Journal will incur a late penalty.