• Today's freewrite is based on your interpretation of Vonnegut's The Commandant's Desk.
    • What does this story reflect from Dr. Blanke's lectures?
    • What role does perspective play in this story?
    • Is there an argument being made in this story?
    • What "voices" are part of the discussion?


  • Now let's take some time to reflect and share your thoughts!
    • There are no wrong answers to this - one of the great things about using literature to examine the real world is that everyone has their own perspective. Don't be intimidated by what someone else may have gotten from this that is different from what you did :)
  • Get into groups of 3 or 4 that do not include members of your proposal group.
    • Discuss among yourselves the following key points:
      • Each character has "goals", based on their beliefs; what are they?
      • In order to co-exist, what concessions are made by each character?
      • How does opposition influence each character's decisions?
  • After you've discussed for a little while, we'll talk as a class.

Peer Review

  • Choose a partner from the group you formed for discussion (i.e. don't choose someone from your presentation group!)
  • Review their proposal draft to check for:
    • A clearly defined goal
    • Claims that demonstrate a particular stance on the topic
    • Evidential research that reinforces the claims
  • If you finish this, focus on the 25-50 word abstract and make sure that it sounds like something you would read in a flyer or program.
    • Be thorough!


  • Make revisions based on your peer review, complete the 25-50 abstract (pamphlet description), and Edit your proposals for submission at the beginning of class on Friday!
  • Read There Shall Be Wailing in All Streets and Happy Birthday, 1951 by Vonnegut for discussion on Friday.
  • The final facilitations will be due next Monday over chapters 6 & 7 in EEA. If you have time to get a head start on them, begin reading those chapters now!