Use the following prompts, along with your research log, to pre-write your Reflection for the Research Journal. The Research Journal is due next week!

  • What steps did you take to find your information? Discuss where you began your research, and how it progressed. Which databases did you use? Did you use printed books? Why or why not?
  • How did you make your final selections for the Source Reviews? Which sources "made the cut?"
  • Describe how you think each of the 5 sources will help you with your future group presentation or writing project.
  • What article, or part of an article, was the most interesting to you? What fascinating information did you learn?
  • What were the challenges you faced during this research process? How did you overcome these challenges?


  • Let's take a minute to look at the Rubric for this assignment!


The next step in completing your reflection for your research journal is to describe the multiple perspectives surrounding your topic. In order to define these, you should begin with the most diverse perspectives, then explain the "middle ground".

  • Begin drafting your overview of your sources.
    • You can use a paragraph for each source review, if it makes sense to do so, but you do not necessarily have to.
    • The key here is to discuss your sources' perspectives. Think critically about the bias and standpoint of each source, but don't make arguments for or against them (yet).
    • Your conclusion can be used to give a broad overview of the research. You've identified the voices in the conversation, so what framework are they speaking from? Is there any consensus? Is there a major conflict? Set yourself up to enter the conversation.


  • Continue revising your source reviews and reflection.
  • Study responsibly for your History exam (don't just cram for it on Sunday night).
  • Have a great weekend!