Proposal Discussion

  • What kinds of proposals are there?
  • What are the key ingredients in an academic proposal?
  • Aristotelian, Rogerian, or Toulmin? (What are the differences?)
  • Feasibility!
  • Finally, Design and Visuals?!?!

Proposal Drafting

  • Look at the examples of proposal theses on p.291 of EAA.
    • Brainstorm your individual claims on a sheet of paper. You've got 10 minutes.
  • Get into your presentation groups!
    • Work in groups to communicate and establish your individual argumentative goals
    • Discuss how your goals demonstrate something about the Triad theme you're organized around
    • Take notes to use over the weekend!!
  • Next, return to your computers for some drafting.
    • Individually, draft your 150 word presentation proposal. Save your drafts to your desktop as a .doc file please!
    • Everyone needs to upload their proposal draft to the dropbox by the end of the class! I've made links for you so that you can do this easily, but if you need help with it I can help you!


  • Final Proposals due on Monday in print! Focusing on how your group addresses a Triad theme (use your notes from today) and using the guidelines outlined in the FYRC description (under "45-minute Panels"), revise your individual proposals to meet their criteria.
    • Remember that this is what I'll be basing my evaluation of your potential FYRC application on!
  • Study and be prepared for the Triangle Exam!