Final Proposals due in class, printed!


Summarize your proposed role in the presentation. Specify research you will use to support your argument.

  • What is the main idea you plan to communicate? What is your claim?
  • What research supports this claim?
  • What background is critical to include or explain?
  • How does your claim connect with the other members of your presentation group? (if applicable)

  • Introduction to constructing an argument & WP3 instructions!

Group Work

  • Work in your proposal groups to discuss the incorporation of your research into your discussion of your theme.
    • Use your freewrite to help get your conversation going, but be sure to reference specific things from your Research Journal!
    • Keep track of your ideas in a place that is accessible by all members of your group; either post it on one of your wikis or create a googledoc for future additions :)


  • Read Chapters 8, 9, 10, & 11 by Friday.
    • You'll have one reading response due in my office by 3pm Friday.
    • This reading response will count for FOUR homework grades (and will not be accepted late)!
    • Respond to the following prompts, each in at least a paragraph:
  1. In your own words, define "media spin" and how it plays a role in arguments of fact.
  2. Explain, using an example, why alternative perspectives are vital to making an argument of definition.
  3. Give an example of how you might "pare the possibilities down" when creating criteria for an argument of evaluation (222).
  4. Explain why causal arguments are rarely absolute (therefore, subject to criticism) and why they are a valuable method of argumentation in spite of it.
  • Don't worry; you don't have any other homework for Comp this week ;)