Turn in your Reading Responses


  • Today, we'll begin with your facilitations of Argument!
    • Please be sure to give the facilitators your attention and participate when asked to do so!


  • Now let's freewrite - but first:
    • Choose something from the facilitation that helped your understanding of the material from the book.
    • Before you begin your freewrite, create your own prompt based on the part of the lesson that you chose.
  • Once you've had time to create your own prompts, I'll let you know when to begin freewriting.

Extra Time?

  • If we have time, I'll discuss some of your Research Proposals with you as I hand them back.
    • If we don't have time, I'd like you to look over the feedback on your own time, consider the grade you earned, and email me whether you are interested in revising your proposal and submitting it for consideration for the FYRC.
  • This email will count as a homework grade; even if you aren't interested in presenting at the FYRC, you should still email me!


  • Send me your FYRC email!
    • Be sure to have access to an electronic copy of your Proposal on Wednesday.
  • Read Chapters 8 & 9 in EEA and compose one Reading Response (printed) for Wednesday
    • Based on EAA's example, explain two things about your topic: one that is hard to define factually and one that is more specifically definable
    • Why does technology make a difference in creating an argument of fact?
    • What are the differences in the 3 kinds of definitions described in the book?
    • What is the most valuable feature of a definitional argument?
  • Today's Facilitators should print and fill out the Evaluation Form and turn it in to me some time this week.