Turn in your Triangle Reading Response!


  • Evaluating sources: Freewrite today about the relevance of the source you chose to write your Source Review draft on.
    • Did the abstract help you determine which article to use?
    • What perspective on your topic does this article represent?
    • What's the best specific reason you can come up with for using this source?

Peer Response to Source Reviews

  • First, let's look at a checklist for making sure all required elements are included in the Source Review you edit.
    • We can change it up, as a class, if we need to!
    • Use the criteria in the book for ideas about what to write and make revisions for!
  • Exchange Source Reviews with someone in your writing group. Fill out the check list, and UPLOAD the completed checklist onto your partner's wiki page.

To get credit for being here today, you need to have your Source Review uploaded to wiki, as well as a checklist completed by someone in your writing group.

Additional Research: Looking for Multiple Perspectives

Before you write another Source Review, you need to conduct some more research to get a grasp on the conversation surrounding your topic. You should make sure you've examined multiple perspectives before deciding on another source to review.

  • Open your freewrite from today, and list as many perspectives on your topic as possible.
  • Look at your research log. Identify the perspective of the articles you've already located.
  • Next, find an article from the databases or book chapter for perspectives you don't already have.
  • Add these articles to your research log.


  • Read Chapter 19:Using Sources in EAA.
  1. Choose one question from page 420 that you can best answer with your current research and answer it.
  2. Choose two bullet points from pages 428-433 and explain (each with it's own paragraph) how it applies to your research.