• Today, I'd like you to think about the importance of college-level research. Freewrite based on some or all of the following prompts:
    • What makes research worthwhile?
    • Who benefits from focused academic research (who is the best audience for this)?
    • How does persistence benefit research?
    • How does research help you become authoritative?
    • In what way is research valuable outside your college work?

Research Journal Huddle

  • Today you will be working toward finalizing your Research Journals.
    • Get into your writing groups.
    • Spend a few minutes collecting feedback from your group:
      • Describe to your group members what you think the strongest perspective on your topic seems to be, based on your research.
      • Find out whether your group members agree, disagree, or are indifferent to that perspective.
      • Explain what your perspective is and whether it is influenced by a particular piece from your research (whether you agree or are opposed to the point of view).
      • Use this information to create a Feedback Page for each group member:
    • On a sheet of paper, write the name of the group member to your right.
    • Write down one question about that group member's topic that you would like to have answered, based on their perspective.
      • For example, if your group member is researching Technology in Education and their perspective is that facebook and other social media is detrimental to learning, I might ask, "What specific features of social media are the biggest obstacles to successful study habits?"
    • Pass the Feedback page around the group until everyone has added a question to it.
    • Use these Feedback Pages to help revise the conclusion of your Reflection for the Research Journal.
      • You can work on this now, or save it for homework as you finish up your Journal for Wednesday; I'll be coming around the class to help you!


  • Finish your Journals! They're due on Wednesday at the beginning of Compinar (don't forget to meet in Rita's room at your regular Seminar time).
    • Be sure you have everything included in your Journals:
      • 5 separate Source Reviews
      • 1 Research Log
      • 1 Research Reflection (with discussion of both the research process and multiple perspectives)
      • 1 Rubric