Mid-Term and Final Portfolio and Overview Report

Situation / "Problem to Solve with Writing":

To determine your grade at the mid-term and end of the course, you need to show / tell evaluators the extent to which you have achieved the course learning outcomes so far this semester.

You "show" this by selecting evidence from any of the work you have been doing all semester (you have been collecting, now you are selecting); and you "tell" by explaining fully and clearly how the pieces of evidence show the extent you have achieved the Student Learning Outcomes for the course.

You do this "showing and telling" with an extensive report (in the form of a memo) that guides readers through the outcomes and the evidence you have selected. We'll call this the "Portfolio Overview Report."


Assume that your readers will use your Overview Report as a guide to the work / evidence you have assembled in your portfolio. From a more familiar angle, your Overview Report and its connections to evidence in the portfolio will be most effective if it is "usable": readers will understand and agree with your "telling" because you provide clear and fully developed explanations, and the evidence you "show" clearly connects to the specific outcome and your explanation helps readers recognize the connections.

Because the Overview Report is obviously especially important, readers expect that it is the result of multiple drafts and revisions and that the writer has shared drafts with others as a way to test the usability of the portfolio.

Overview Format / Expectations


  • Introduction - Explain consistent / sustained engagement
  • Outcomes
  • Self Assessment
    • grade scale, performance
    • (Mid-Term: going forward . . . .)