• Take a moment to reflect on the Introduction to the Chapter that you read for homework.
    • After you've reviewed or reflected on it, freewrite about the ideas and key terms that are presented in your homework readings and how they demonstrate the goals of this chapter.
      • What was new to you?
      • Did you like the readings?
      • Why are these things important to your own literacy?

Discourse Communities Activity: Grouping Your "Friends"

  • Take 15 minutes to find a partner and "interview" each other about your discourse communities. Try to gather information that we can discuss as a class on Wednesday (what communities do you share? What communities are you a part of that differ from your partner's, and in what ways?).


  • Let's look at the glossary definitions of discourse communities and

genre. What kinds of genres are present in your immediate personal experience?

  • Take ten minutes or so to add to the end of your freewrite or discourse community list.
    • Brainstorm a list of genres that relate to you.


  • Bring evidence (an example) of a particular genre that defines a part of your literacy.