Facilitations, Round One!

  • Questions/Comments?
  • Facilitations for Exam #1 essay questions
  • Section 520:
    • Essay #1: Aliyah, Liz, Roberto, Lauren
    • Essay #2: Rachel, Jearl, Jaxon, Aria, Katy
  • Section 521:
    • Essay #1: Dylan, Jarrod, Whitney, Marisol, Landon
    • Essay #2: Olivia, Lewis, Joshes

Things to Think About:

  • Exam #1 is on Wednesday in History. Don't be late! (What do you need to bring?)
  • We are meeting in the LIC2, which is upstairs in the Library, at 8:30 for Compinar!
    • You won't be going to your regular Composition or Seminar classrooms; Compinar takes the place of both of them!