• Think about where you are in your Research Process so far.
    • What do you feel is missing from the conversation?
    • Where do you imagine your own voice in the conversation so far?
    • What genre do you think will best help you get your voice across?
    • Are there distinct opinions about your topic that you've uncovered already?
    • What exactly is your topic? Have you defined it?

Covering Our Bases

  • Let's double check the kinds of sources you've found and talk about why each is important to your understanding of your topic.
    • Working in a small team, identify what types of sources you each need in order to round out your research.
    • Use the next 10-15 minutes to try and find a source for someone else in your team!
  • Next, I'd like you to do a bit of peer evaluation.
    • Based on the teammate you just helped, what would you like to know more about from their research?
    • What questions do you have about their topic that you would like them to be able to answer?
    • How would you define their topic?


  • Submit a draft of your Proposal in Blackboard by Wednesday.
  • Submit the online proposal application for the FYRC by noon on Friday if you'd like to present there!