• Today, I'll be in your Composition class to help assess your presentation materials.
    • We will NOT meet during your regular Seminar class time this week!
      • If you would like to complete some of the History Terms before we meet next Monday, you can still receive extra participation credit for doing so.
    • Be prepared during your scheduled time!

Something to Think About:

  • First-Year Symposium is this Thursday and Friday, November 19th and 20th in UC Anchor Ballroom.
    • Comp and Seminar will not meet this day, but you still need to attend History lecture.
    • You'll be expected to complete two evaluations of presentations as a grade for seminar.
    • One evaluation will need to be from our Triad, another from a different Triad.
    • Forms will be available at the Symposium.
    • Forms will be due in my box in my office (FC 113) by 5pm on Friday.
  • Your Final Composition Essay is due by midnight, Wednesday, November 25th on blackboard. NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED!
  • Don't forget about your Discussion Posts! Just a couple left!
  • We'll resume regular Seminar on Monday.