• Discuss in your freewrite your ideas about incorporating your sources into your essay.

In-Text Citation


  • When incorporating your sources into your text, it is helpful to break your important points into "chunks".
  • To do this, you can organize the quoted material that you want to use into a framework similar to this:
    • Begin with your main thought or idea
    • Utilize a quote/paraphrase to support, prove, or document your idea
    • Add sentences that analyze or discuss your thoughts in relation to the documented material.

* By chunking your work this way, you not only give yourself a neat little package of information in which to utilize your source material, you give the reader a comfortable pattern by which they can digest the content of your essay.

  • Take the quote that you brought for homework on the 16th (it should be in your freewrite from that day) and build a short paragraph with it, using the chunking method.
    • I'll give you about 20-30 minutes or so to work on it, so pace yourself accordingly. I'll come around to help out, too.


  • Now, we can review each other's passages and get some insight on how this process turns out.
    • Move over to your neighbor's computer and give them some feedback on how successful they were at communicating an idea about their topic.

In-Class Conferencing about Revisions

  • As your working on this, I'll come around and discuss your essay feedback, if you'd like.


  • Revised draft due online, on the "Assignments" link in your sidebar.
  • Follow the instructions for peer review from Wednesday's class plans.
    • Peer review is due before class on Monday, following the break. Your reviews will be graded, so do a thorough job!