• Freewrite today about your expectations for the First Year Celebration on Wednesday!


FYC Practice?


  • If we don't have the means to complete the previous activities, you'll need to do the following:
    • Rubric Contribution - Let's collaborate on how your final essay will be assessed.
      • Read over the Objective Research Essay description again.
      • Write down three specific things that you think are most important for assessment of your Objective Research Essay. You can use a scratch piece of paper for this, and you can tear it in half and share with your neighbor if you'd like.
      • For each item, list a percentage of the overall essay grade that you feel this thing is worth.
      • Hand these things to me and, time permitting, we'll discuss them.


  • Be prepared for the FYC by bringing your materials with plenty of time before what you're scheduled for (try to show up at least five minutes early!)
  • Bring your essay to class on Friday for editing advice and last-minute workshopping