It's Week 8! (We've reached the midpoint!)


  • Conferences on Wednesday in FC 126 (Sean's office)! No Comp. or Seminar class (you still have History)! (Your conference counts as your attendance, though!)
    • If you haven't yet, sign-up for conferences! (if you plan to work in a group, please try to sign up at the same time as your group members)
    • What we'll be talking about at the conference:
  • Midterm Portfolio due on Thursday (by 5:00pm in FC 126)!
  • Next week:
    • Monday, October 17th: Quiz over ATF Chapter 6 ("Jackson's Frontier -- and Turner's")
    • Wednesday, October 19th: Quiz over Charlotte Temple Volume II (the rest of the book)
    • Please don't wait until class time to ask me questions about these readings! You can always email me questions! Or, better yet, stop by to see me in FC 126!