Planning Ahead

  • The first thing we need to do today is to sign up for Wednesday Conferences!
    • Your teams will meet for 15 minutes each with Rita and me in the Conference room (FC107).
  • Next, let's brainstorm ideas for what problems you'll be addressing in your projects!
    • Let's watch this video, put together by past TAMU-CC students!
    • Also, there are Buzzfeed projects that help demonstrate some of these ideas, like this.
    • Your job, in your groups, is to come up with a list of things that you can share with your non-LC group member today in lecture.
    • The list should have several different "kinds" of student problems; don't just focus on academics or health/wellness or social issues - try to cover all your bases!

Changing Gears

  • Once you've finished, let's move into some more CS-oriented practice.
    • I've got a circuit exercise for you. Work on it individually, then we'll discuss it as a class!

If There's Time