• Think about the different ways you could interact with your environment in the H2G2 game.put on your peril-sensitive sunglasses now
    • What restrictions are there on this format of gameplay?
    • How does the story change when you are participating in it, rather than "observing" it?
    • What did you like best about being immersed in the story this way?
  • Let's discuss this for a while!
    • The concept of Audience Interaction
    • Developing meaning through self awareness (decision, decisions!)
    • Connecting concepts with circularity, instead of linearity

New Media

here's a good place to check out IF!

The game you played over the weekend falls into the category of interactive fiction. Let's talk about what that means in this, the digital era of writing.

Here are some more examples in the eastgate stories. Twelve Blue was one of the first stories of this kind (and still one of my favorites). Check it out on your computer for a minute and tell me what you think!

Technology & Writing DiscussionRoland Barthes, The Pleasure of the Text (1975)

  • So why is this important?
    • Let's discuss the similarities and differences of writing an essay and creating hypertext.
    • Central to this discussion is the idea of intertextuality. How does this concept apply to research?

In-Class Conferencing About Portfolios

  • If we have time, I'll give you an opportunity to ask me questions individually about what you should bring to your conference and what to expect when you get there.


  • Upcoming UCSA leads Workshop:
    • What: Effective Time Management
    • When: Wednesday, October 12th from 6-7pm
    • Where: UC Tejas B (Room 106B)


  • Bring specific ideas and questions to your conference.
    • The best way to do this is to brainstorm these things in writing! That way you have something physical with you when you meet with us!
    • Feel free to bring evidence with you that you have questions or want feedback about, too.