• Last Friday, we briefly discussed the differences between scholarly and non-scholarly sources.
    • Although you may not have worked with much academic (scholarly) material in the past, you have read and experienced working with some in your Writing About Writing text and in texts in your other classes.
    • Freewrite today about your understanding of the value of academic publications.

Academic Sources

  • Reminder of the importance of credibility.

Google giggle

Let's take a minute to compare the differences between the kind of information you may have used before and the kind of information you'll be looking for now:

  • Pair up with a classmate and look over each other's list of 5 subjects.
  • Use Google to find one interesting source for each of your partner's 5 subjects.
  • Use the library Quick Search to find another source for each.
  • Share the results with each other.
  • Write a brief synopsis on your wiki of the differences between what you found on Google and what the library has to offer.
  • After you've written, I'll ask some of you to share what you've found.

Topic Narrowing

  • Based on the results of this early investigation, I'd like for you all to choose the subject that you'll be working on for the rest of the semester.
    • Remember that there will probably be much more information out there on your topic than just what comes up in the Quick Search. Don't be intimidated by limited results or what may seem like unrelated materials in the search results. Narrowing takes time, so be patient!
  • Be certain that your subject is a subject, not a topic! Don't narrow too much yet!


  • Email your chosen subject to me by the end of the day. If I think that it is too narrow, I may email you back a suggestion for keeping it broad.
    • I will email you each individually once I've received your idea. If you do not get an email back before the end of the day Tuesday, then I did not receive your email and you'll need to send it again!
  • Read about wikipedia.
    • Be prepared to discuss specific things from this reading on Wednesday.