Let's Review!

  • We're going to use a Googledoc or the review guide again, but...
    • This time, I'd like you to get a little creative!
    • In your Project Teams, you'll be assigned a number. You'll be responsible for the prompt under each of the first 4 chapters that corresponds with your number.
    • You can earn bonus points for working on the prompts from Chapter 5 too!
  • For each of the questions you're responsible for, try to create a possible exam question that you think you might see on Wednesday.
    • If you struggle with any, skip them and come back to them
    • Let me know if I can help, but use your books, too!
  • After 20 minutes or so, we'll switch roles and try to answer some of them!

Something to Think About

  • We will not meet in Seminar on Wednesday!
    • I'll be in my office during our class times if you want to stop by and visit, but also use the time to ask questions of Dr. Rita and Vinay (or PAL or CASA!) if you have lingering concerns right before the exam.
  • Just like last exam, you'll have an online assignment that takes the place of Seminar. Don't forget to complete it!
    • The online assignment will be available on Blackboard later today, if you'd like to complete it early. It's due at the end of the day Wednesday.