First five annotations due!

  • Turn them in to me as you come into class please.


  • Write today about Halloween! (Or whatever may be on your mind; this is a true freewrite)

Linking Research

  • For today's classtime, I'd like you to do some spontaneous peer review!
    • Come to the front and pick up someone else's homework.
    • On a separate piece of paper (with both their and your names), spend the next 10 minutes double checking citations. This may not take the full ten minutes, but I want to be able to help answer questions if you have any.
  • Next, pass both the AB Draft and your citation review to your neighbor!
    • Now, we'll spend some more intensive time with the annotations. Be sure to add your name to the feedback sheet.
    • Review these like you would any other draft; be positive with your feedback, but make specific suggestions for revision! Ask questions where appropriate, too.
  • When we're done, you'll hand in all the materials to me so that I can give feedback too!


  • Find a popular source for your topic!
    • You don't need to print it out or anything, but be sure to have access to your source for class on Wednesday.