It's New Book Time!

Shifting Gears

  • This week, we're transitioning to the second textbook and beginning to code!
    • What does this mean for problem-solving? Do we still have to make flow charts?
    • Both an art and a science: pg. 2 and the significance of design....
    • What practice do you have with coding? Will it matter?


  • Introducing the Problem-Solving Project
  • Teams! (6 teams per class, and non-seminar students will be joining you!)
    • Let's brainstorm team names that you'll take to lecture to share with your non-linked teammates!

Keeping Pace

  • Let's look at the remaining schedule!
    • What kind of things can we do to stay on track?
    • How can we study better?
    • Each of you should leave today's class with an idea of what you need to do each week in order to be successful at the end of the semester.

Something to Think About

  • Get in touch with your team members today!
    • Even if you already communicate with someone in your group outside of class, establishing clear modes of contact is a great first step for a successful team project!