So...We're not as smart as we think we are?


  • Today's freewrite is about "getting it".
    • Take a moment to consider the confusion that comes with starting college.
    • Freewrite for 5-10 minutes about what your most epic moments of understanding or misunderstanding have been so far.


  • Let's watch a quick video.
    • Then we'll discuss!

Turning This Thing Into Amesome

  • Alright, so now you've got some analysis of the Hitchhiker's Guide (right?). What does it look like? What does it say?!?
    • You don't have to answer this out loud.
  • Take a few minutes to reflect on the peer review we did last Friday.
    • Did your reviewer understand what you were trying to accomplish?
    • Did the meaning of your discussion come through the way you had imagined it?
  • Now I'd like you to prepare a Mission Statement.
    • This document will serve as a reference of your goals for this project.
    • It will define, clearly, what you feel are the most important things you want to transmit to your audience and have them absorb.
  • Write to your Analysis' audience, imagining them as a group of students in a classroom conducted by you.
    • Begin by addressing the key points of your Analysis; what freedoms did you explore?
    • Continue with a definition of those freedoms, as if you were posting to a dictionary online.
      • Keep your definitions concise and to the point. What are the meat and potatoes of your discussion?
    • Finish with a summary of your freedoms. Tie everything up with a nice little bow.
  • Finally, you'll be getting into groups of 4 to discuss. I will spend time with each group, getting an understanding of your understanding, by listening to you. Make your group time meaningful!
  • Get some hunches connected!
    • Do something with them: incorporate your classmate's feedback into your Analysis by considering how your audience understands what you're presenting them with.


  • Turn your essays in on time!
    • If you had trouble uploading last time, make sure to get everything sorted out with me in advance! Deadlines come with penalties for tardiness and there's no worse way to hurt your grade than to procrastinate asking a question (duh!). I'm here to help, so let me know if you need some!