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* For COMM?
* For COMM: The Nature of Language (p. 52) and "spices."
** How do ''historical'' context and cultural change play a role in how we interpret people's communication?
** How might this influence your writing for the Argumentative Historical Essay
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%color=#0070ff%'''[+Navigating College+]''' %rfloat width=270%

%color=#0070ff%'''Quiz Feedback'''

* Succeeding on quizzes:
** Attempts: use them wisely!
** Pay attention to the ''ideas''!
** "So What?": why does this stuff matter?
** Demonstrate that you "get it." If you're just '''guessing''', you need to seek help/discussion/reinforcement ''before'' the quiz!

* Succeeding at succeeding:
** %newwin%[[|Email]] & other communication
** Finding your way around Blackboard and other important tools
** Remember the syllabus!

* %newwin%[[WhatAreWeDoingHere|Are You Engaged?]]
** Follow up on last Wednesday's discussion


%color=#0070ff%'''Something to Think About'''

* For COMM?

* Your next History quiz is due Sunday. (Keep up with your reading!)
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'''Flowchart Follow-Up:'''
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'''Flowchart Follow-Up:'''