Test Your Skills

  • First, let's do a little practice!
    • You'll have 15 minutes to work individually, then I'll give you the game plan for what's next.
  • Afterward, we'll discuss some things you should keep in mind about taking the exam on Wednesday.
  • Finally, let's review what we've learned today and address any questions or concerns (such as....homework)!
    • Don't forget about the temporary change of Lab schedule!

Something to Think About

  • We will not be meeting for Seminar on Wednesday.
    • Instead, you'll need to complete a little reflective writing.
    • You can find the assignment on our Seminar Blackboard page.
    • The completed Reflection will also be submitted to Blackboard.
    • It's due by the end of the day on Friday!
  • On Wednesday, I will be available in my office or via email.