This part of your portfolio will review and synthesize the information you collected in your research (a Literature Review), and propose an argument (a Proposal) for your third portfolio.

  • In the Literature Review part of this report, you will be synthesizing your information. That means relating the separate source information so that it all fits into your frame of reference.
    • Some of you will have a clear idea of this frame early on, others will develop it later. That's OK!!
  • You will need to demonstrate an understanding of the different perspectives conveyed in your research material.
    • Historical precedent will help you identify the way your conflict has been negotiated in the past.
    • If there are not multiple perspectives in your collected research, then you haven't looked at enough sources!
    • Determining bias in those perspectives will be fundamental to your argument proposal.
  • The Proposal will describe your argument for portfolio 3.
    • You will need to explain whether or not you are "siding" with a particular perspective that you've found already, or if you are proposing an original resolution to your topic.
    • The proposal is hypothetical, in the sense that you are suggesting how you feel the conflict would best be resolved.
    • The proposal is a sort of rough draft for your argument thesis.